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Protest and Healing in front of Governor Wolf's Home

On Saturday, August 1st, 2020, Tsuru for Solidarity members from New York City, Philadelphia, and Washington, D.C.  joined with Haitian Women for Haitian Refugees, CASA, Free Migration Project and the Shut Down Berks Coalition in front of Governor Wolf’s house to demand freedom for the Black and Brown families incarcerated at Berks County Detention Center. Governor Wolf refuses to release the families even though the site is operating illegally.
We started with a funeral procession down the streets of Mount Wolf, ending outside of Governor Wolf’s home for a die-in protest of 8 minutes and 46 seconds. We held this silence in memory of George Floyd and all those whose lives have been taken by police and white supremacy.
Our communities then came together for healing ceremonies — a Veve ritual,  Daoist ceremony, and space to remember, mourn, and uplift the names of those we’ve lost. We heard from members of our communities speaking out against the inhumane incarceration of families in Berks and Governor Wolf’s inaction. We drummed, sang, and raised our voices to say: #FreeTheFamilies #BlackLivesMatter #ShutDownBerks

Scroll through for video highlights of our healing ceremonies, speakers, and music:

For full coverage of the action, watch here at the Japanese American Citizens League - Philadelphia Facebook live stream:

Further Calls to Action with the Shut Down Berks Coalition:

We can’t let ICE separate families or indefinitely detain them. Families must be free. Demand that Governor Wolf issue an Emergency Removal Order to #ShutDownBerks by:
1. Calling: 717-787-2500
2. Tweeting: @GovernorTomWolf
3. Instagraming: @governortomwolf
4. Send a short video message & tag the Governor on your social media channels
5. Write an email
6. Sign our petition
Sample Script: “Governor Wolf, you must issue an Emergency Removal Order on the Berks County Detention Center Now. Families have been at risk of COVID19 and are now at risk of being separated. Do not allow this atrocity to happen in Pennsylvania. Use your full power to fight for these families to be free, issue the ERO.”

#ShutDownBerks #BlackLivesMatter #FreeThemAll


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