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Bay Area Tsuru supports San Quentin Origami Students facing Covid-19 and Deportation

On Monday, August 3, the Bay Area hub of Tsuru for Solidarity organized a virtual event to fold cranes and write messages of peace to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the atomic bombings of Hiroshim and Nagasaki. In addition, they were joined by San Quentin origami teacher Jun Hamamoto and three of her former students, Lam Hong Le, Chanthon Bun, and Somdeng Danny Thongsy, each facing deportation despite having served their full sentences.

Participants were able to hear first-hand testimonies of men who have lived through war, violence, poverty, lack of opportunity, incarceration and ICE detention, only to now face deportation. We heard their heartfelt stories of healing, transformation and resilience.

The men all send their gratitude to those who attended and listened with your heart.  They all found the session healing and community building and want to have another session soon!

Here are some ways you can offer support:

  • It is critical time now for Patricia Waller and Jun’s student Tien, who was found suitable for parole and will be leaving San Quentin soon, but is now facing deportation. Please act today to stop their transfer to ICE for deportation.  Call, post on social media, email or send letters.  Click here for Tien and Patricia’s story, call script, and graphics: Please act today.
  • Please “like” Somedeng Danny Thongsy’s group on Facebook folding4justice.
  • Make a tax-deductible donation to men in San Quentin and recently returned citizens.  Write “prison program” on your donation – either online or by mail.

To learn more:

Photo: Chanthon Bun, recently released from San Quentin and is recovering from COVID-19. He is wearing a Tsuru for Solidarity t-shirt and wearing a Tsuru for Solidarity “Close the Camps” bandana on his face.


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