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Tsuru for Solidarity is built on relational organizing grounded in values of solidarity and liberation. Learn more about our working groups, committees, and affinity groups below. Sign up below to get connect to the various campaigns that we are leading!


Working groups are based upon issues and organizing campaigns to effect change. These topics may change over time as fights are won and new issues emerge.

>Learn about our current campaigns here


Committees are based on a skill or activity and offer to support working groups and the greater Tsuru movement with specific kinds of work. You can also join committees to learn new skills–you don’t have to be an expert, just willing to join in. Committees do the sustaining work of Tsuru for Solidarity and we welcome all to join in. Many hands make light work!

Join Us!

To get involved, fill out our form and look out for an email from our staff. Come learn more about the Tsuru for Solidarity organization and how you fit in!