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Our Campaigns

Tsuru for Solidarity has four campaigns which spearhead our activism. Click on a section to find more information about each group, their ongoing organizing, and how to get involved!

Child & Family Detention

The U.S. is creating an expansive network of un-regulated influx and intake detention sites for children outside of international human rights mandates.

We are standing with impacted communities in ways that we needed during WWII. Together we say NO MORE U.S. CONCENTRATION CAMPS!


As an ethnic group who has received an apology and reparations from the federal government for wrongs committed against us, Japanese Americans have a moral imperative to support the Black people seeking a similar path for a structural remedy.  We also have moral authority to stand in solidarity with other communities: especially a community targeted by historic racism seeking accountability and a process for redress and reparations.

Pol(ICE), Prisons & Adult Detention

Pol(ICE), prisons, and a global pandemic is what we have been moving through for the last two years. It is under these conditions we have been required to reevaluate our skills and own political commitment to the larger movement towards collective liberation.

Our trained facilitators are committed to creating safe and non-judgmental virtual spaces for participants to find shared connections, support, and an opportunity to process their experiences in the caring presence of others. During a healing circle, we come together in small reflective groups (between 6 – 15 participants) to explore a specific pre-determined topic.

Past Campaigns

Learn more about our previous campaigns and actions at these archived pages.

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