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Pacific Citizen | Transformative Solidarity, July 31, 2020 

Nishi Nippon |「移民差別繰り返すな」日系人がトランプ政権にNO強制収容背景に July 24, 2020

Reading Eagle | Day of Protests Features ‘Honk In’ July 17, 2020

Pressenza | Shut Down Berks Coalition: We Demand Freedom for Detained Black and Brown Immigrant Families July 17, 2020

[radio] KPFA Flashpoints | The COVID Outbreak in San Quentin July 16, 2020

Rafu Shimpo | Tsuru for Solidarity: Nikkei Voices of Protest July 4, 2020

Rafu Shimpo | Tsuru for Solidarity: Presenting Voices from Ground Zero July 4, 2020

Rafu Shimpo | Tsuru for Solidarity: A National Movement Shifts Online July 4, 2020

[radio] NPR | With Fleets of Planes, Artists Take to Skies Nationwide to Protest Mass Detention July 4, 2020

New York Times | Protesting US Immigration Policies, Artists Aim for the Sky July 3, 2020

Los Angeles Times | 80 Artists will Mark Fourth of July with Skytyped Messages Over U.S. Detention Centers July 3, 2020

Hypebeast | 80 Artists are Launching Aerial Demonstrations Over Detention Centers Nationwide July 3, 2020

Rafu Shimpo | Gee Orders Release of Migrant Children from ICE Detention June 30, 2020

Pacific Citizen | Tsuru for Solidarity Rallies Activists Across the Country June 26, 2020 

Nichi Bei | Dissent: A Call for Solidarity with Black-led Fights for Liberation June 18, 2020

PBS News Hour | How George Floyd’s Killing has Inspired a Diverse Range of Protestors June 17, 2020

East Wind | Tsuru for Solidarity’s Nationwide Rallies June 8, 2020

Indybay | Tsuru for Solidarity Vigil: Black Lives Matter/Free Families Detained by ICE June 8, 2020 

Nishi Nippon | : 白人優位に怒る米国社会「人種超え連携」日系人団体も抗議イベント June 8, 2020

Anchorage Daily News | Crowds Gather near the White House for 10th Day of Protests in DC June 7, 2020 

[radio] WBEZ | Japanese Americans Hang Paper Cranes at Cook County Jail to Protest Mass Incarceration and Police Brutality June 7, 2020

SF Gate | Thousands Gather for Protests Around the Bay on Saturday June 7, 2020

Rafu Shimpo | Hirono to be Keynote for Virtual Protest June 5, 2020 

The Mendocino Voice | Round Valley Sends 200 Original Peace Cranes to White House May 28, 2020

[radio] WORT | Never Again is Now: Remembering Japanese American Internment During WWII May 26, 2020

AsAm News | Japanese American organization draws on history of illness in WWII concentration camps, calls for release of immigrants detained by ICE March 27, 2020

International Examiner | Day of Remembrance, Day of Action in Tacoma draws multigenerational, multiethnic crowd March 3 2020

South Seattle Emerald | Opinion – Whitewashing Bellevue’s History March 2 2020

Seattle Times | Bellevue College administrator placed on leave for altering display on Japanese American incarceration February 28, 2020

amNY | Japanese American New Yorkers link historical injustices to modern immigration concerns in NYC February 27, 2020

AsAm News | Japanese Americans hold solidarity march in solemn Day of Remembrance of Incarceration Camps February 24, 2020

KNKX | Crowd remembers Japanese incarceration at immigrant detention center in Tacoma  February 24, 2020

91.3 KBCS | Japanese American Elders Protest the Northwest Detention Center February 24, 2020

Common Dreams | Because #NeverAgainIsNow, Japanese Americans, Allies Stage Rally Demanding Closure of Immigration Prison February 24, 2020

Crosscut | ‘Never again is now’: Japanese Americans driven by history in immigration fight February 21, 2020

CNN | As a kid, America sent him to live in barracks with 18,000 others. Now, decades later, he’s getting an apology February 20, 2020

AsAm News | Asian Americans denounce Trump expansion of Muslim ban Feb 1, 2020

ACLU Podcast: At Liberty | Harnessing History and Solidarity to Stop Migrant Detention (Ep. 84) January 30th, 2020

South Seattle Emerald | Japanese-American Solidarity Group Opens Seattle Chapter, Preps for February Action January 29, 2020

Univision Sacramento | Activistas exigieron que la cárcel del Condado Yuba sea utilizada como centro de detención de inmigrantes January 12, 2020

AsAm News | Japanese American WWII camp survivors, allies hold coalition protest at ICE-contracted Yuba County Jail January 11, 2020

KCRA | Demonstrators protest immigration center in Marysville January 11, 2020

Nichi Bei Weekly | Rabbit Ramblings: Renewing the Call to Action in 2020 January 1, 2020

Folklife Magazine | What They Carried When the Japanese American Camps Closed December 17, 2019

[radio] 94.1 KPFA | Flashpoints – November 25, 2019 November 25, 2019 

Common Dreams | Activists Confront CEO’s “Disgusting” Use of Family’s History at WWII Incarceration Camps to Justify Propping Up ICE’s Migrant Detention November 25, 2019

[radio] Radio Project | Women Rising Migrations: Standing in Solidarity With the Desperate October 5, 2019 

Truthout | Private contractor defends detention inspections deemed useless by ICE Staff September 28, 2019

Medium | All My Relations September 16, 2019

[radio] IndyKids! | The Growing Movement of Japanese Americans Protesting Immigration Detention in the U.S. September 16, 2019 

Rafu Shimpo | No more Concentration camps – Never Again is Now September 6, 2019

Buddhist Door Global | Why Fold Paper Cranes? Japanese American Buddhists and Today’s Migrant Crisis August 30, 2019

[radio] KPFA | Flashpoints- August 23, 2019  August 23, 2019 

The Nation | We Have Been Here Before August 21, 2019 

Cinema isn’t dead | Fighting Against an Ugly Tide w/ Marshall Curry & Claudia Katayanagi August 21, 2019

NHK World Prime | I Too Was a Child of Camp August 16, 2019

Street Roots | Japanese American incarceration and present-day migrant camps: Perspectives of 3 survivors August 16, 2019

Nichi Bei Weekly | Trump’s anti-immigrant-campaign castigated: critics concerned about JA private contractor’s oversight of ICE detention centers August 15, 2019

Eastwind | Making Paper Cranes Fly August 11, 2019 

Tricycle | At Fort Sill, a Prayer That History Would Not Repeat Itself August 5, 2019 

ABC 10 | Japanese internment camp survivor shows solidarity for immigrant children with origami August 2, 2019 

NBC News | Former Japanese internment camp to shelter migrant children July 30, 2019 

Newsweek | Oklahoma Army Base Fort Sill Will Not House Migrant Children, for Now July 27, 2019 

KFOR | Senator Jim Inhofe: Ft. Sill will not house migrant children July 25, 2019 

Lion’s Roar | Buddhists join protest against detention of migrant children in Oklahoma  July 21, 2019 

NBC News | Japanese Americans among hundreds protesting plan to detain migrant children at Fort Sill July 20, 2019 

The Oklahoman | Hundreds protest migrant camps at Fort Sill – photo gallery July 20, 2019

Common Dreams | ‘Close the Camps!’: Protesters March Against Trump’s Plan to Imprison Migrant Kids at Site of Japanese, Indigenous Incarceration July 20, 2019

[radio] The KPFA Evening News | July 20th, 2019 KPFA July 20, 2019 

USA Today | Trump plan to incarcerate migrant children at Fort Sill again shows worst of America July 11, 2019 

Buddhist Door | Tsuru for Solidarity Takes Peaceful Action to Protest Mass Detention of Immigrants in the US July 11, 2019 

The Tulsa Voice | ‘Never again’Internment camp survivors and allies protest child detention in Oklahoma July 2019

Lion’s Roar | Buddhist memorial service to be held at Fort Sill protest against migrant detention on July 20 July 8, 2019 

Patheos | Never Again Is Now: A Letter to Buddhist Leaders  July 8, 2019 

Pressenza | Face 2 Face Report Back with Mike Ishii, Linda Morris, and Lauren Sumida July 5, 2019 

The Rafu Shimpo| Multicultural Allies Gather at Fort Sill Rally July 3, 2019

Noriko Nakada | Women Who Submit  June 28, 2019 

Eastwind | Defiance and Solidarity at Fort Sill June 27, 2019

PRI | Oklahoma’s Fort Sill has a history of jailing minority groups. Migrant children could be next. June 26, 2019

Democracy Now! Survivor of WWII Internment Camp Speaks Out: Japanese Americans Know the Trauma of Child Detention June 26, 2019

Democracy Now! Japanese-American Internment Survivors Protest Plan to Jail Migrant Kids at WWII Prison Camp June 24, 2019

The Lawton Constitution: Protest Provides Opportunity To Shine Light On The Internment Of Undocumented Children  June 23, 2019 

The Oklahoman | Japanese Americans to Protest Placement of Migrant Children at Fort Sill June 22, 2019 

Stop Repeating History | Japanese Americans joined together with Native Americans and Immigrant Rights advocates to protest immigration detention at Fort Sill, a former WWII prison camp June 22, 2019 

[Press Release] JACL | Japanese Americans to Speak Out Against Designation of Fort Sill to Detain Migrant Children June 19, 2019

ABC7 News | News of migrant children housed at Fort Sill spurs protest plans June 18, 2019 

[Press Release] Detention Watch Network | Japanese Americans to protest the detention of migrant children at Ft Sill Oklahoma June 14, 2019 

Discover Nikkei | Twenty Thousand Cranes And More: Stories Behind Washington State’s Tsuru For Solidarity and Crystal City, Texas April 23, 2019

Eastwind | Japanese American Voices from Dilley, Texas April 12, 2019 

Eastwind | “No More Kids in Cages! Not Ok in 1942, Not Ok Today”

Japanese American former detainees protest immigrant detention in South Texas April 12, 2019 

PRI | Immigrant detention centers are a grim reminder of history April 5, 2019 

ABC News | Coalition of WWII Japanese American internment camp survivors stage peaceful protest at immigrant detention facility on Texas border March 30, 2019

Kyodo News | Japanese Americans Make Origami in Show of Support for Immigrants March 26, 2019 

NBC News | Japanese-American activists will bring paper cranes to show solidarity with migrant families March 25, 2019

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