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Tsuru for Solidarity is a nonviolent, direct action project of Japanese American social justice advocates working to end detention sites and support front-line immigrant and refugee communities that are being targeted by racist, inhumane immigration policies. We stand on the moral authority of Japanese Americans who suffered the atrocities and legacy of U.S. concentration camps during WWII and we say, “Stop Repeating History!”

“Americans turned their backs on us as we disappeared. Nobody marched for us, nobody protested, but today we bring our voices, our drums, our tsuru spirit to speak out against unjust mass incarceration.”
–Satsuki Ina, Co-Chair Tsuru for Solidarity
“There comes a moment when you realize that nobody tried to stop the round-up and incarceration of Japanese Americans during WWII- and you will not participate in the repetition of that mistake. So, conscience must guide us to move with a valid action against this current violence. We must be the allies that our community needed.”
–Mike Ishii, Co-Chair Tsuru for Solidarity

Never Again is NOW.

Please mail checks to:

Community Initiatives / “Tsuru for Solidarity – 6455”

 1000 Broadway, Suite #480

Oakland, CA 94607