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On June 6 & 7, 2020 our tsuru took flight!

You can watch the live stream video from the 7th. If you keep scrolling you can read about each action. 

Washington, DC

Photo by Noriko Sanefuji

In Washington DC, members of JACL DC and Tsuru for Solidarity gathered to hang cranes on the White House fence. The action in Washington DC included remarks from (click on the links below to learn more):

New York

In New York, members of the New York Day of Remembrance Committee and Tsuru for Solidarity joined Families for Freedom to hang cranes at Elmhurst Hospital (click on the links below to learn more) 

Photo by Michelle Chen

Berks & Philadelphia

Across Pennsylvania, members of the Shut Down Berks coalition gathered for a virtual vigil (click on the links below to learn more)


Photo by Ty Yamamoto

In Chicago, members of Nikkei Uprising and the Chicago Community Bond Fund met at the Cook County Jail to hang cranes and protest the COVID-19 outbreak in the jail and mass incarceration in Chicago and Cook County (click on the links below to learn more)

  • Partners: Nikkei Uprising and Chicago Community Bond Fund
  • Asks: Email State’s Attorney Kim Foxx at to demand that she release as many people as possible from Cook County Jail in light of the COVID-19 outbreak and the neglect shown by the Sheriff’s Office for the safety of people inside. 
    Call and email Mayor Lori Lightfoot to demand that she cut funding to the Chicago Police Department. Or call your local officials to cut the budgets of your police department and redirect funding to your community. Click here for a script and more information. 
    Call at 312-744-3300
    Email at
  • Donate to Good Kids Mad City or your local Black-led organizations leading liberation work. 


In Seattle and Tacoma members of Tsuru for Solidarity and Seattle JACL gathered at the old immigration station and then caravan-ed to the Northwest Detention Center (click on the links below to learn more)

  • Partners: Tsuru for Solidarity-Seattle, Seattle JACL, La Resistencia
  • Asks: Sign this petition as an individual to demand that Tacoma City Council declare NWDC a chronic public nuisance and shut down the detention center once and for all. 
    Ask your elected officials & candidates about the NWDC. What do you they think of the NWDC? Are they on board with a shut down?
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    Learn more by reading and sharing our one-pager about the Shut Down Campaign, available in English and Spanish. Check out our FAQ’s.
    Endorse the campaign as a group or organization.
Photo by Eugene Takawa


Photo by Leo Leung, ProBono Photo

A group of Nikkei elders gathered at the Tanforan Assembly Center site to lay cranes at the memorial plaque. Then they joined an intergenerational protests at a local park (click on the links below to learn more)