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Tsuru 4 Palestine

Tsuru for Solidarity, an intergenerational organization including Japanese American WWII concentration camp survivors and their descendants, demands that the Biden Administration protect the Palestinian people by calling for a permanent cease-fire and an end to ongoing military aid to Israel.

Palestinians are calling on the international community to speak out against Israel’s ongoing occupation, ethnic cleansing, and genocide. Tsuru for Solidarity firmly states our solidarity with Palestinians in calling for the right to self-determination, safe return to their homeland, and liberation from Israeli occupation and apartheid. We also call on Nikkei in the United States and worldwide to speak out and mobilize for a permanent cease-fire and in support of the demands named below.

We join the legacy of Japanese Americans, the Nikkei diaspora, and the Asian American movement who have fiercely opposed imperialism, genocide, racial violence, and systems of oppression. Support for Palestinian liberation is part of this tradition. We said NO to the wars in Vietnam, Afghanistan, and Iraq. We said NO to apartheid and white supremacy in South Africa. And we say NO to genocide and apartheid in Palestine.

As Nikkei, we remember that the U.S. government used the attack on Pearl Harbor to justify not only our mass incarceration but also the atomic bombings of Japan—violent experiences that have deeply impacted our community for generations. Israel has already dropped over 35,000 explosive tons of bombs on Gaza. This combined explosive force, greater than the 15-kiloton nuclear bomb that leveled Hiroshima, has targeted civilians and critical infrastructure including hospitals. Israeli officials have invoked the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, as well as U.S. killings of Iraqi civilians, to justify the civilian death toll in Gaza. Past atrocities against civilians cannot be used to justify ongoing ones. We uplift the sanctity of life, mourn all of those lost in this conflict, and call for a permanent immediate cease-fire.

The rhetoric being used today by the Biden Administration and mainstream U.S. media attempts to obscure and legitimize the ongoing killings and ethnic cleansing of Palestinians and contributes to rising Islamophobia and repression in the U.S. This language recalls the WWII-era anti-Japanese propaganda used to justify our community’s surveillance, displacement, and incarceration. Our history and humanity demand that we speak out at this time.

Tsuru for Solidarity stands in solidarity with Palestinian, anti-Zionist Jewish, and allied groups. We call for:

  • An immediate permanent cease-fire;
  • Unrestricted entry of humanitarian aid and restoration of water, electricity, and fuel supplies to Gaza to prevent additional deaths;
  • An end to the Biden Administration’s military and economic support of Israel;
  • An end to the occupation, its system of apartheid, and illegal settlements on Palestinian lands;
  • Self-determination and liberation for the Palestinian people, including the right to return to their homeland.

We acknowledge that this statement reflects the contributions of diverse members of Tsuru for Solidarity and does not fully capture the nuances and sentiments many of us feel. However, we are united in our belief that Islamophobia, anti-Semitism, and oppression are unacceptable in all forms.


Sharing Solidarity and Kinships Between Japanese Americans and Palestinians

Nikkei Power Hour

Join us for a program showcasing the solidarity and kinship shared by Japanese Americans and Palestinians. Hear from Japanese American faith leader Reverend Michael Yoshii and Palestinian activist Adam Manasra from Wadi Foquin in the West Bank of Palestine.
Learn more about Rev. Yoshii’s interfaith partnership and friendship with residents of the Palestinian village of Wadi Foquin and an overview of historic issues in Palestine. Hear Adam Manasra’s personal story growing up under Israel’s military occupation and the subjugation faced by his community in Wadi Foquin due to the actions of the Government of Israel. Manasra will also provide an update on the current situation in his community of Wadi Foquin and the relationship between what is happening in Gaza and the West Bank.

07 Dec 2023 @ 5 pm PST / 7 PM CST/ 8 PM EST

Speak Bios:
Rev. Michael Yoshii, Co-Chair Friends of Wadi Foquin
Adam Manasra, Narjes Community Development Committee, Wadi Foquin

Join us and bring friends and family every Thursday to call, email, fax, and write letters to our local congresspeople and Japanese American representatives to demand a PERMANENT ceasefire, allow the entry of humanitarian aid, end military funding to Israel, and stop all bills that threaten the safety of Palestinians.

This is also a space to connect with others and share resources/strategies. We are stronger together: let’s mobilize and build community with fellow Nikkei and call OUR REPRESENTATIVES TO DEMAND A PERMANENT CEASEFIRE AND STAND IN SOLIDARITY WITH PALESTINE!

Thursdays @ 12 pm PT/ 3pm ET