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National Nikkei Reparation Coalition’s Week of Action, May 21-May 25, 2022!

Many Japanese Americans who fought for JA Reparations were inspired by the Civil Rights and Black Liberation Movements, and leaders like Malcolm X, Fred Hampton, and Rev. Martin Luther King.  We honor the legacy of our redress movement by supporting the movement for Black reparations and working towards dismantling systemic oppression.

This May, we officially launched the National Nikkei Reparations Coalition (NNRC). NNRC is a newly formed coalition of Japanese American organizations and organizers that strive to mobilize the Japanese American Community in support of Black Reparations. Our advisors include Black leadership from the Reparations Movement – Kenniss Henry, Dreisen Heath, Jarrett Smith, and Rev. Mark Thompson. 

From May 21st to the 25th we will be hosting a national week of action to Demand the Biden Administration advance a Federal Commission for the Study and Development of Reparations for African Americans by Juneteenth! Our Week of Action is in partnership with the H.R. 40 Coalition and the Noise campaign to draw awareness and put public pressure on Biden. Learn more about the H.R. 40 Coalition’s demand and organizing here.

Check back to our communications toolkit to promote our week of action events and how to take part in our mobilization on May 25th! 

Join us for the following events on May 21st, May 23rd, and May 25th:

  • Saturday, May 21st at 12pm PT/ 3 pm ET, the NNRC will be hosting the program “Strengthening Solidarity Through Taking Action.” Join a conversation with Black reparations and Japanese American redress leaders, Kenniss Henry (N’COBRA), Dreisen Heath (HRW), Miya Iwataki (NCRR & NNRC) and Akemi Kochiyama (Yuri Kochiyama Solidarity Fund), who will discuss the various chapters in the fight for Reparations, and Black and Japanese solidarity for Black Reparations today. Listen to music and insights of acclaimed jazz musicians/activists Jon Jang and James Newton as they speak to the role of music and culture in building Black and Asian solidarity. The program will close with a call to action to demand the Biden Administration establish a Federal Commission for the Study and Development of Reparations for African Americans by Juneteenth and how you can take part. Register here:
  • Monday, May 23rd, at 5pm PT/ 8pm ET we will host a workshop discussing the coalitions grounding principles of unity, the strategy of H.R. 40 coalition, and get us prepared for the May 25th day of action. Register here: 
  • On Wednesday, May 25th – in five 1-hour sessions from 9:00a-5:00p EST, NNRC will host a “Day of Action” where participants will call and email the White House to demand #ReparationsNow! All communities are welcome and the 5/25 Day of Action has several Co-hosting organizations and networks, including members of the H.R. 40 Coalition, Democrats Abroad based in Germany, the Dems Abroad Global AAPI Caucus, Reparations 4 Slavery, and several JACL chapters, NNRC member organizations, and advocacy networks throughout the country. Decide what hour you can join – Register here: