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Participate in Dr. Donna Nagata's Yonsei Research Project

A message from Satsuki Ina: There is scarce data collected about Japanese Americans and their experience of the WWII incarceration. Thanks to Dr. Donna Nagata (University of Michigan) we have the only statistical data analysis and conclusions drawn about how the incarceration impacted the Sansei generation. The results of her findings continue to be the basis of much clinical and academic scholarship in understanding intergenerational trauma in our community. Dr. Nagata is now gathering important data about the intergenerational impact of the WWII incarceration on in a survey of the Yonsei generation. For the benefit of our community, I urge you to respond to this survey and spread the word about the importance of completing this survey. 

You can find some abstracts and full text copies of Donna’s past articles here:


Participants are needed for a study investigating the perspectives of 4th-generation Japanese Americans (Yonsei) in relation to the World War II incarceration/internment. The anonymous and voluntary survey includes questions related to your views on impacts of the Japanese American wartime incarceration on you and your family, as well as topics such as justice, ethnic identity experiences, and your sense of self. It is estimated to take approximately 50 minutes.


You are eligible to participate if you: 

  • Are at least 18 years of age, and 
  • Identify as a Yonsei, 4th-generation Japanese American 

The collected responses will provide much-needed information about 4th generation Japanese Americans and their perspectives on the wartime incarceration. Your participation is greatly appreciated! 

To Participate Click on This Link: