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Over the July 4th weekend, 80 artists, including Karen Ishizuka of Tsuru for Solidarity,  joined together to launch XMAP: In Plain Sight – a stunning effort to make visible the injustices of the largest immigration detention system in the world. In Plain Sight’s collective of artists – representing an array of ages, gender presentations and subjective lived experiences came together in solidarity to help abolish immigrant detention.  Fairness, freedom, opportunity, and respect for human rights should be at the core of our immigration system.  


*Join* the movement #FreeThemAll Campaign + #AbolishIce. *Donate* to these local bond funds: 

These Japanese American artists participated bringing to light our own history of incarceration, forced removal and detention and mobilizing it to make visible the injustices of the U.S. immigration detention system. Learn more about them and their messages – Karen Ishizuka, Tina Takemoto, Bruce Yonemoto, Devon Tsuno and traci kato-kiriyama

KITE FLYING OVER NWDC with La Resistencia as part of In Plain Sight

From @laresistencianw:

On Friday, July 3rd 5-7PM La Resistencia held a rally outside the Northwest Detention Center (NWDC) in collaboration with @InPlainSightMap, over 80 artists and 80 other detention centers around the so-called US.

“Detainee Request Forms”, also known as “kites” are used inside the NWDC to officially report grievances and complaints from those being detained. Often ignored or flagged as reasons to retaliate against individuals, filing kites rarely gets people detained the justice they seek.

Kites were flown outside the NWDC, amplifying the work and demands of those inside.  Attendees heard stories and grievances from people detained & family members, learned about the connections between ending immigration detention/deportations and the work of decolonizing, and explored the links between the ICE, CBP, and the calls to #DefundPolice.

Tsuru for Solidarity in Seattle joined the rally with hand made kites by Erin Shigaki and Escot Mexcal. See more –

More Press about the In Plain Sight Demonstrations – 

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