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Year in Review 2021

Thank you for being part of the Tsuru for Solidarity community and movement this past year. It is because of the dedication, commitment and belief in our work and mission that we have continued to learn with one another, build solidarity, and expand our efforts together to close the camps and end family separation.   

We are grateful for all the volunteers and supporters who have given so generously of their time, talent, and treasures this past year. This includes taking part in our on-line events, healing circles, and committee work to deepen our connections and advance our solidarity efforts.

Read and hear from community leaders, organizers, and healers about what they been doing at/with Tsuru for the past year!

Read from our Education, Community Building, Child and Family Detention, Police, Prisons,  Reparations, Art and Communications, and Healing Circle.

To continue our critical collective efforts, please consider making a meaningful year end gift for Tsuru for Solidarity.   We are so pleased to have a $10,000 match from a generous family for all contributions.  

This means your $125 gift will become $250 and a $500 gift becomes $1,000.  All donations are tax deductible. 

Your generous support will ensure our unique and powerful volunteer movement continues with incredible staffing and resources to care and connect deeply with our community and partners.