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Thank you so much to Gerry and Gail Nanbu, and to everyone who stepped up to meet the Nanbu challenge. 

Thanks to your generosity, we have made a strong start in our fundraising push for the National Pilgrimage to Close the Camps! In just ten days, the community has met the Nanbu Family’s generous $25,000 matching challenge — meaning that we have now raised more than $50,000 of our $125,000 fundraising goal.

The next step is to expand the circle. We’re asking 1,000 people to give $125 or more: one dollar for each of the 125,000 Japanese Americans and Japanese Latin Americans who were rounded up and incarcerated during World War II. 

Your donations will make it possible to provide facilities for the June 5-7th pilgrimage in Washington D.C., including permits, event space, transportation for taiko drums, stage and sound equipment rentals, sanitation, security services, and other costs. They will also help provide travel support for survivors on fixed income.

And thanks to your participation, Tsuru is activating all across the country. We now have active projects in Seattle, Sacramento, SF/Oakland, Los Angeles, Chicago, Philadelphia and New York City. And we are actively building partnerships with the front-line communities targeted by racist, anti-immigrant policies. Stay tuned for more news about our involvement in detention shutdown campaigns from coast to coast.

Just yesterday, we worked with 18 Million Rising and Sanctuary DMV (a local immigrant rights organization) to carry tsuru and nearly 8,000 petition signatures to the Nakamoto Group in Rockville, Maryland. The company’s CEO, Jennifer Nakamoto, rakes in millions of dollars to rubber-stamp inhumane conditions in ICE’s network of immigration jails — and uses her family’s WWII incarceration history as a shield against congressional inquiries. We are working to stop her from using our shared history and trauma to protect her profits.

Please support our work by giving and by joining us in action! We can be the allies that our community needed during World War II.

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