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Meet Hilda & Ivan, in sanctuary in Austin

Hilda & Ivan Fold Tsuru
Hilda & Ivan folding tsuru!

We met Hilda and her son Ivan in 2019 during a press conference in Austin where Hilda Ramirez, an immigrant Guatemalan woman and her 9 year old son, having been denied asylum, sought sanctuary in a local church. She shared her story about their escape from violence, her torturous time in detention, and the fear she lives with everyday praying to avoid being separated from Ivan, and ultimately deported to Guatemala where she fears for their lives.  Tsuru for Solidarity is committed to sharing their story and fight for their right to live a life free of threat and persecution.  You can read more about Hilda & Ivan here.

While trapped in sanctuary, Ivan, now 14 has found his voice and shares his story through his art.

Video 1: El Beginning

Video 2: Monkey

Video 3: Hielera

Video 4: Los Three People

Video 5: Now