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Community Building

The Tsuru for Solidarity Community Building committee aims to support relationship-building, healing, and joy within the Tsuru and Nikkei community. The committee supports the Tsuru affinity groups, created spaces to meet up around a shared identity. We also strive to actively create a more inclusive environment to welcome anyone committed to Tsuru’s mission to join our community.

For more info please email JJ ( or Allie (

Affinity Groups

Affinity groups create spaces for people to meet up based around a shared identity. Active affinity groups are listed below:

Tsuru for Solidarity’s Next Generation Affinity Group is where young organizers connect with each other. We build community around our Nikkei youth experience – sharing resources, insights, and joy. Our space is designed for early adulthood-aged folks. Connect with us by emailing or reaching out to co-chair Yoshino Goto at or co-chair April Gore at

Established in April 2021, our group brings together people who identify as mixed Japanese American and white. Each meeting, we explore different topics related to the nuances of our specific identity. We typically meet remotely once a month for 90 minutes. No two experiences are the same and we find great value in sharing, connecting, and reflecting with one another.

News & Events

Sign Up for an orientation!

To get involved, fill out our interest form and sign up for our next orientation. Come learn more about the Tsuru for Solidarity organization and how you fit in!