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A Year in Review of the Tsuru for Solidarity Community Building Committee: Our 2022 Photo Blog

We were excited to welcome the Tsuru for Solidarity Community to come together in our most recent Town Hall. Pictured above is a word cloud we created at the conclusion of the event showcasing words that resonated with people after hearing our intergenerational panel. Some of the words highlighted were healing, intergenerational, love, vulnerability, intentionality, and community. Our committee tries to foster all of these words and values while building community in Tsuru.

The Town Hall brought our diverse Tsuru community together and we were able to capture how intergenerational we are. It was amazing to see how Tsuru spans geography, age, and heritages. Pictured above is the range of ages that attended our Town Hall, which is just a small snapshot of our broader community! 

Although we were geographically distant, we found a way to move together physically. Our committee member KC Mukai led us in a bon odori (dance to honor the ancestors) called Tankō Bushi.


Signing off with love from your Community Building Committee! In our committee we value fun, pictured above is a photo of our committee playing a game. We are looking forward to the new year with more fun times and games. Come join us! 🙂 


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